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How to maximize the chance of getting selected at MyCFO

  • Read all content in our website carefully
  • Go through our job description in excel and audio-video
  • Apply through the website. Complete all fields
  • Complete the Fit-o-Meter
  • Be persistent. Insist on knowing from our HR where you stand in the selection process

A day in the life of MyCFO

If you are considering a career with MyCFO, but need a more practical feel of what a typical day at MyCFO is before making up your mind, we are happy to hear from you. MyCFO will facilitate a one day interaction for you with one of our team members. You will love this opportunity to see what a CFO’s life is like at one of our client locations.
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Refer a friend and have coffee with our Founder

Gift a career to your friend! If you are keen that your friend(s) pursue a career at MyCFO, we would love to hear from you. If your friend is selected, you win a 30 minute coffee session with one of our Founder Directors!
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MyCFO remunerates its team members in line with market. MyCFO has an unique quarterly Mutual Feedback Policy which provides for strong link between performance and remuneration. Our bonuses are paid out quarterly, not annually. MyCFO rewards its team members based on their willingness and ability to take more responsibility, and not necessarily only based on experience and age.

Escalation policy

MyCFO is committed to ensuring timely and professional communication with you. If you have applied for a career at MyCFO or have requested for an interaction and have not received a satisfactory response within 7 days of your request, please reach out to MyCFO’s senior management.
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