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CFO-HR Harmony towards common business goals

Venkataraman Srinivasan Founder & Director

Venkataraman Srinivasan
Founder & Director

“The company benefits immensely if the finance and human resource functions are in accord”

The HR Head and the CFO are the respective leaders of the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ domains in a company. The former deals with people,culture, and behaviour – the soft side;the latter with data, facts, and money – the hard side. While these may look like completely divergent functions, for a company’s success, they need to be in harmony.Most crucial decisions are usually taken collectively, often with unanimous feedback from both the soft and the hard sides of businesses. Continue reading

Preparing for an exit

This article is useful to PE Funds and CXO’s of PE invested companies who are eyeing an exit in the next 12-18 months and looking to strengthen/ streamline decision support systems, squeeze cost reductions, enhance governance mechanisms, implement risk management systems which will help them build a case for better valuations closer to the date of an exit either through listing or through sale to another PE fund.

How does a company get itself exit ready?  Unfavorable market conditions and not so good business environment are today stated as primary reasons for PE funds and companies not being able to get an exit.   A recent article in the Economic Times states that there are close to 630 PE invested companies, which are waiting for an exit. There is pressure and Continue reading

Family Owned vs MNC: How does it impact a CFO’s life?


With over 90% of the businesses run in India promoted, owned or managed by families, is it possible for an ‘outside professional’ to play the role of CFO?

Do such businesses require a ‘professional CFO’ in the first place? Is it possible for a CFO to operate independently and yet win the trust of family promoters? How can a CFO from a structured corporate environment make a tangible difference to family managed companies?

Soumitra Bose, an ex-Lever Finance Director, shares his experience of having made the transition from a leading Professionally Managed Global Consumer Goods major to India’s largest Family Owned/ Managed Flavour and Fragrance Company as their Group CFO.

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How well do we know each other? CXO’s guide to improving inter -personal relationships

Debasis Chatterji – CEO Netxcell

Professional, leader and challenge seeker, best describe the journey of Debasis over the last 21 years of his working life. Netxcell provides various voice and data provisioning services including Customer Lifecycle Management service to almost all major telecom operators in India, managing a subscriber base of more than 400 million. Under his leadership, Netxcell has started its operations in Africa through Netxcell Mauritius Ltd (NML).

His emphasis on Intellectual Property Rights helped Netxcell file several products / services for Patent, Service Mark and Copyright. Debasis has been a speaker in many national and international telecom conferences, engineering colleges and management institutes. Debasis is a doctorate in Science with AMP from IIM Bangalore and Dip. in Patent Law from NALSAR. He is the recipient of Indira Super Achiever Award.

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