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‘Workspaces’ – Redefining the way CFO’s look at business information

With a strong track record in building business and a keen interest in latest technologies, Virender leads Ramco Systems, a Global ERP product company on its journey to becoming a leading Cloud ERP player. As the CEO of Ramco Systems, Virender has been primarily focusing on evaluating new market opportunities, attracting strategic partnerships, realigning portfolio of offerings and driving profitable growth. An astute businessman, Virender is farsighted and has a flair to predict technology trends that will drive the future. It is this quality, coupled with rich international experience, that is steering Ramco towards becoming a strong Cloud ERP player.

Ramco, Virender

Prior to Ramco, Virender was President & APAC Region Head for HCL Technologies, Singapore. In this stint, Virender played a pivotal role in building the IT Services and Consulting business in Emerging Markets such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Asia Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa. Virender has an impeccable track record of spotting disruptive technology trends well in advance and leveraging transformational services (Cloud, Mobility, Analytics etc) to create value for customers. This has in turn helped him grow business operations multi-fold.

Virender Aggarwal holds a Master Degree in Business Management from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. He is a founder member of Singapore’s India Club and was also the first Indian to receive the prestigious International Management Action Award in 2004 conferred to him by SPRING Singapore.

In today’s demanding environment where CFO’s are expected to play a Quasi – CEO’s role, the ability to separate the clutter from what is ‘essential’ becomes critical. IT when leveraged skillfully plays a strong partner role to the CEO and the CFO. In this blog, Virender shares a new concept of ‘Workspaces’ developed by Ramco and the significance of Workspaces in delivering information to the CFO’s in a simple, visual mode with the ability for the CFO to be able to identify and work on ‘red flags’ well in advance.


In today’s scenario, with the number of emerging challenges that a CFO has to deal with – globalization, diversity and changes in regulations, stakeholder management, risk management and reporting, it is becoming increasingly important to run a competitive finance function that can help deal with the above.

This can only be achieved with a highly productive & performance driven environment that can continuously guide the business with sound, well-grounded numbers and related details; a responsibility that percolates down the hierarchy to everyone in the function including the middle, junior management and all the executive personnel.


We, at Ramco recognize this and have introduced a new concept of ‘Workspaces’ aimed at ‘Empowering a role to perform at his very best, delivering optimal productivity and performance!’

Our ‘Workspaces’ provides various functions and roles with a unique and completely refreshed user experience model steered by a data driven interaction pattern and powerful visualizations. The work-spaces do away with a typical software usage experience of menus and screens; instead completely focusing around data and the actions.

A workspace presents actionable data and alerts in the form of a To-do / exception list. The key information together with the possible actions is presented for various situations necessitating further actions. Also, embedded within them are operational metrics that can aid in effective decision support as well as serve as a means for a continuous assessment and improvement. The designs are created with a no-clutter philosophy with access to minutiae available on demand.

With an increasing complex environment and a myriad of challenges for the function, this sure will help simplify life. As an aid to work prioritizing and effectively managing information flows, a user will be able to accomplish much more for less.

Overall, they strive to provide a  stress free experience by presenting the most needed information for a given context  and  an option to seamlessly drill-thro’ to other enterprise functions and processes to access more information

In the current context, where Finance has evolved, from being traditionally viewed as a controlling role to, being viewed as an enabling role;  powerful tools such as Workspaces can be a huge assistance for providing that  deep visibility to operations and  decision making.

With continuous evolution in technology and related advancements, there is a growing pressure on the CFO and his team to continuously evaluate the benefits and return of an IT system, the associated risks of data, obsolescence, security breaches etc. It is my firm view however that furthering the productivity & efficiency improvements for the finance function is and will always be a top consideration for a finance leadership to convert this to an organizations’ advantage!



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