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The CEO-CFO Jugalbandi

The CEO CFO JugalbandiCEO and CFO jugalbandi is all about striking the right ‘notes’ together, similar to how two artistes who are proficient with their respective instruments but when played together create ‘magic’. Just like good artistes who may understand and in some cases play the other artiste’s instrument well, they recognize the impact of putting together a great performance by giving each other the space and freedom to express themselves so that each of them look good individually and also come out delivering an incredible performance together!

Why do Jugalbandi’s go wrong? The accompanying artistes may not be that good, they are playing not so good accompaniments/ instruments, they may not be as trained, the sound systems are not good, under too much pressure, not paid adequately, overworked, nervous or just believes that he/ she should be the one in the limelight. Does this sound familiar?  For every perfect jugalbandi, it is important to have good quality accompaniments and also people capable of playing these. The main artistes can cover up for the accompanying artistes through their sheer brilliance for some parts of the concert or even for a few concerts (if they are lucky and not found out) but this cannot continue beyond a point. For a good quality concert, all players need to come together and provide the main artistes the support to make the concert successful. This is true even in the case of business where the success or failure of the individuals/CXO’s is directly attributable to the talent pool, the organization culture, leadership and the resources that one directly controls amongst others.

The CEO, CFO synchrony is best left to these individuals to determine as how two good artistes would plan before a jugalbandi. Great partnerships do not happen overnight, they happen through constant communication, being able to understand each other better, discovering what each one can do, stepping aside and letting the other person take the lead and working towards a common goal – which is to deliver a great performance.

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