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How to get the best out of the CFO’s office: A guide for owner managers appointing a CFO for the first time


Many years back, I was lunching with an Owner-CEO and he told me that if the CFO is a nice guy then you have a problem at hand. At that time, I was startled but his remark hit home. Continue reading

Change Management tips to improve the success of automation projects: A guide to getting employee buy in and ensuring smooth transition


Automation is pretty much a given, and it’s really Intelligent Automation that we should be looking at – the consequences thereof, including the change management techniques that are required. Continue reading

Narayan Krishnaswamy on Challenges in Post-Merger Integration and How to Overcome Them: A Finance and IT Lens


Mergers are typically characterized by a symbiotic relationship, where none of the players are dominant in the newly-formed ‘partnership’ and are expected to be mutually supportive. Towards this, the seminal contribution of Haspeslagh & Jennison in 1991 warrants a mention. They structured a 2*2 matrix plotting two parameters and highlighting their significance as well – the need for strategic interdependence vis-à-vis autonomy. When both parameters are high, as in the case of mergers, they chose to call it Symbiosis. In the case of Acquisition, there’s always a dominant player. Continue reading