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Affirmative Action for Turning Around a Company


Target firm
ABC Ltd. was established in the year 1960 as a Industrial Product company. The North India-based company later went into backward integration with specialty Base Metal manufacturing and acquiring mines. Over the years it continuously upgraded and diversified its product basket of Industrial Product as well as Base Metal business.
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Indian Pharma Industry: Picking up the fallen pieces and riding the next wave

chemistry-still-strongThe Indian pharmaceutical sector has been one of the key sectors contributing to India’s growth and overall economic development and has steadily expanded to leave a significant footprint on the world map and is one of the largest and the fastest growing markets globally. The Indian pharma sector has reached USD 38 bn in 20181. We are now the world’s third largest drugs manufacturing by volume but tenth largest in terms of value2. The industry generates over USD 11 billion of trade surplus every year and is amongst the top five sectors contributing to the reduction of India’s trade deficit2. Continue reading