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CFOs – The silent heroes

Abhishek Bhoir

Abhishek Bhoir, Assistant Manager, MyCFO,

Every time a successful company comes to our minds, our first thought is what their services or businesses offering are. We quickly then move on to think of their leadership team – the CEO or the MDs. Great CEOs like Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook are, or course, an invaluable key to success, but that doesn’t mean we should ever overlook the second–in-command, namely the CFO.

Behind the scenes, all of the great achievements, most likely, could not have happened without the financial house being kept in perfect order by the CFO. CFOs do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes – which, according to me, is a vital ingredient to sustain the business and may be the key to transition the company from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Here’s one such ‘on-the-ground’ situation faced by one our own CFOs that shows us exactly how priceless a good financial insight can be.
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Factors to consider before investing in a company

Marketing Team

Investing in any company is a risk. Having enough information about the company and its plans is essential as it enables you to make preliminary projections about future returns.
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