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New-age Investors: Challenges Before CFOs

Finance Specialists, Funding & IPO SupportA new age investor is someone other than a money lender, family, friends. These are Private Equity/ Venture Capital funds (institutional funds) or Angel investors (entrepreneurs/ professionals who invest in ideas/entrepreneurs) or High Net worth Individuals or Mutual Funds, Institutions, shareholders who invest in listed companies and understand the art of making money/returns on their investments. They are also professionals who are/have been entrepreneurs, run businesses or been/are part of a professional set ups. Continue reading

Case Study (VIrtual Race)

Virtual Race MyCFO Case StudyClient:

Virtualrace is a start up promoted by professionals who have held CFO level positions in the past. Virtualrace is a pedometer based, mass participation event conducted over 100 days. Virtualrace is backed by a Venture Capital Fund and it encourages activity and health in a fun and inclusive manner that complements hectic lifestyles.

MyCFO Role:

MyCFO plays the role of a full fledged CFO. MyCFO got involved at a pre – revenue stage to assist the promoters to monetize the business concept. Being a full blown CFO role, MyCFO also is involved in assisting the company in defining the key metrics to measure business performance, preparation of MIS, communication with the investors, negotiations with vendors, thinking through price points and customer profitability, involvement in getting the website operational, thinking through modes of distribution and logistics including tax, cash flow and profit impact and drafting employment letters and salary structures for new recruits. Continue reading