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Paradigm shift in Residential Real Estate sector


For the past half a decade the residential sector has witnessed price reductions and couple with changes in income tax laws the role of investors in RRE has been coming down. Continue reading

How to get the best out of the CFO’s office: A guide for owner managers appointing a CFO for the first time


Many years back, I was lunching with an Owner-CEO and he told me that if the CFO is a nice guy then you have a problem at hand. At that time, I was startled but his remark hit home. Continue reading

Change Management tips to improve the success of automation projects: A guide to getting employee buy in and ensuring smooth transition


Automation is pretty much a given, and it’s really Intelligent Automation that we should be looking at – the consequences thereof, including the change management techniques that are required. Continue reading

Narayan Krishnaswamy on Challenges in Post-Merger Integration and How to Overcome Them: A Finance and IT Lens


Mergers are typically characterized by a symbiotic relationship, where none of the players are dominant in the newly-formed ‘partnership’ and are expected to be mutually supportive. Towards this, the seminal contribution of Haspeslagh & Jennison in 1991 warrants a mention. They structured a 2*2 matrix plotting two parameters and highlighting their significance as well – the need for strategic interdependence vis-à-vis autonomy. When both parameters are high, as in the case of mergers, they chose to call it Symbiosis. In the case of Acquisition, there’s always a dominant player. Continue reading

Scaling up Professional services firms in India – An Insider’s perspective


Scaling up Professional services firms in India – An Insider’s perspective

In this column, I will attempt to give you a sneek peak into the DNA of a fast growing professional services firm – what sets them apart and the challenges the firm needs to address Continue reading

The Fintech Era in India


What’s worked
1. Expanding Outreach
Fintechs have disrupted the financial sector, spectacularly. The areas of digital payments, investment advisory, insurance aggregators, trade finance and peer-to-peer lending, traditionally the bastion of banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions, in India, have been breached by fintech companies – particularly the startups (all of 1,100 plus) growing at a remarkable double-digit growth, annually. Continue reading

Building a digital company of the future

indian-economy-imgFrom an organizational standpoint, the criticality of digital transformation cannot be over-emphasized. Resisting digital adoption is akin to signing up for irrelevance in double quick time. Analysts believe that at least 50% of the Fortune 500 companies won’t be around in the next ten years as mortality rate is at an all-time high. Arguably, most new companies would consider themselves lucky if they cross the 20-year mark. Having said that, the pace at which various industries continue to adopt digital, is hardly uniform and leaders must not allow complacency to set in. Continue reading

Actionable for Today’s Pharma CFO

pharma-thumbnailVUCA-manifested compulsions coupled with frenetic pace of tech adoption, makes us distinctly uncomfortable. Walking the tightrope and balancing the twin needs of profit maximization vis-à-vis, shareholder’s wealth, has never been easy for CFOs. A Pharma CFO’s role is also guided by these factors including the stage of maturity the company is in with respect to the industry – remember the BCG growth matrix? Stars (high market share in a high market growth) would behave differently from Dogs (low market share in a low growth market). Continue reading

Indian Economy – The Paradigm Shift

indian-economy-imgAnother quarter of lower GDP growth. Another round of grief and wailing. Another round of debating who is to blame. And multiple economic theories by anyone and everyone who has a view. Continue reading

Business Transformation of a Two-wheeler product Company – From Rs 2 Crores loss per month to cash breakeven in 12 months

chemistry-still-strongThe Company had a cash burn of Rs 2 Crores a month with a 200 days working capital cycle, impacting cash flows. Continue reading