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Date: 16-11-2015   Platform/Print Media: Educationm Times Source

Aligning your team with the organization's business strategy

An organisation’s activities and objectives are achieved through its employees. To ensure the organisation’s success, proper and effective alignment of targets and tasks that take place between the company and its employees is critical. This is a continuous process and is not to be done only when the employee joins the company or when a new project begins.

Given the fact that employees come from different backgrounds, aligning them with an organisation’s goals calls for maturity, balance and a clear two-way communication process, more so, because an individual’s goals may be different from the goals of the team and the company.

Communication plays a key role in an organisation. The organisation should communicate department-wise goals and the department should communicate the goals of each individual in the department. Having communicated the organisation’s goal, inviting comments from the departments constituting the organisation and in turn from the individuals constituting the departments will further enhance clarity and acceptance of these goals.

If the organisation expects the team to work over the weekend to achieve a certain goal, it should display its commitment by also asking one or more persons from the management team to work alongside over the weekend. This sets an example of solidarity and seriousness. Objections of team members should be carefully heard of and their issues should not be ignored.

This process helps both, the company and the employee to work on the same page without any reservations. Lastly, these should be an interim review process to hear any issues that come in the way of their goals. A well-aligned team can deliver quick results. The key strategy is to reach out to key influencers for communicating important goals to the entire team.

In a multinational company where employees from different regions come together, the communication objective can be achieved by having commonality/similarity amongst the leaders of the teams at MNC units. Another approach could be to have a more rigorous and frequent review process so that any misalignment is quickly identified and corrected.