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Date: 16-11-2015   Platform/Print Media: Educationm Times Source

Aligning your team with the organization's business strategy

An organisation’s activities and objectives are achieved through its employees. To ensure the organisation’s success, proper and effective alignment of targets and tasks that take place between the company and its employees is critical. This is a continuous process and is not to be done only when the employee joins the company or when a new project begins.

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Strengthening existing institutions is more important, because it will be a long time before the new bank becomes operational, said C Rangarajan, former chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prim

Finance Minister's Arun Jaitley's Budget proposal to create a Micro Units Development Refinance Agency (Mudra) Bank, to finance the setting up of small and micro enterprises and thereby encourage entrepreneurship among SC/STs and OBCs, has not received an unqualified welcome.

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E-commerce defies conventional laws

Basic principles of finance have not changed that much in the last century: Businesses exist to make profits and generating positive cash flows is important.

Given the recent developments in the e-commerce space, several ‘old school’ finance professionals are unsure whether the ‘universal’ and ‘time-tested’ principles will ever hold good in the future. Valuations of most e-commerce deals in the recent past have been at astronomical levels, most often expressed as several multiples of sales. It’s common knowledge that virtually every e-commerce company in India is losing money today. So, why are investors paying a sales linked multiple (and a premium at that!) for buying into a loss making company.

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Ask any entrepreneur about what is his #1 expectation from a CFO and he/ she is likely to tell you 'Raising funding'.  A CFO who has experience in raising debt (borrowings) and equity is an invaluable asset to any business.

Curiously, the best contribution that a CFO can make to the funding decision is to raise the question of 'whether this funding is needed at all?' Far too often, companies are guilty of raising funding for the incorrect requirements (examples: lavish offices, funding long credit periods of customers, production facilities with unrealistically high capacities, unplanned marketing and advertising etc). A CFO needs to be the conscience keeper of the business and ask this difficult question.  If he is convinced that the company needs funding for the right reasons, it becomes his/ her operational responsibility to go out and raise funds at the right pricing.

Date: 15-10-2014   Platform/Print Media: Financial Chronicle   Source

As outsourcing non-core activities including IT has become common, companies have started to look out for partners, who will perform core functions including finance. MyCFO claims to be the only company in India that provides CFO services to help high-growth firms meet their business goals.

“We have heard of 8-10 firms in the Indian market offering similar services but they are more individual consultants working together than institutions,” said S Venkataraman, director of MyCFO.

Date: 01-10-2014   Platform/Print Media: Times of India   Source

 CHENNAI: Worried that your assistant picks up the bag the minute the clock strikes five pm and you can do nothing about it? Or that your finance department is under enormous stress when D days like September 30 (income tax filing for corporates) or March 31 are round the corner? Worse still, your Diwali shopping festival logos are still incomplete? 

There appears a solution to all of the above in the form of organizational outsourced services providers. From virtual secretaries who will do any errand for you to outsourced marketing head and CFO (chief financial services) providers, the traditional organisational structure chart is in for a make over. Today , such on call executives are game for anything, be it complex stuff like hand holding you till your IPO (initial public offering) exercise is complete to even the mundane data entry operations. Of course, all for a fee. 

Take the case of CMO Axis, an endto-end marketing services provider whose clients now span across the industry spectrum. "Though SMEs (small and medium enterprises) were the mainstay earlier, we are now seeing a lot of interest from large enterprises and three of the top five IT companies are our clients," Vinod Harith, founder and director, CMO Axis said. 

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Mumbai: For six months now, a Bangalore-based mid-sized hotel chain has been looking for a CFO. The slowdown over the past few years has seen the company’s financials come under pressure: room tariffs have fallen, sales are down, and, like any other borrower, it has a fraught relationship with banks, although it sees growth returning now. “Our earlier CFO’s job was not very complex, but now we need a CFO who is both a fire-fighter and strategist to help the hotel emerge from the slump and grow as we plan to acquire new properties,” said the HR head of this hotel who requested anonymity and did not want her firm to be named.

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Cash flows can be the one of the strongest indicators of an e-commerce business’s success or failure. Cash flow in simple terms is the difference in time between when you get paid and when you pay. The sector has been in the news and is seen as one of the fastest growing amongst new age industry sectors in the next decade. With significant foreign investments in the sector in the last three years alone, large players coming together, interesting models being tested (marketplace vs inventory, e- model vs. hybrid) and the prospect of the government opening up the B2C segment for the foreign players, this sector is at a tipping point for a paradigm shift. The current levels of internet penetration coupled with the number of consumers using the internet to transact online has led many people to believe that this could see the same dizzying levels of growth that the telecom sector witnessed in India. Given all the public attention and the anticipated growth rates, the CEO’s of e-commerce companies are under constant pressure to raise, manage funds and to closely monitor their cash flow position.

Date: 06-09-2014   Platform/Print Media: Vyapaar (Hindi edition)   Source

Outsourcing CFO services is a growing trend. Definitive statistics on the use of outsourced CFOs are hard to come by especially in a country like India, but there may be a few factors encouraging companies to embrace the strategy.

A CFO continues to be viewed as someone who is an ‘insider’ to the company that he/she works for. The number of experienced quality CFO’s available in the market today is not in proportion to the number of companies that have mushroomed, grown and in some cases become large organizations. Apart from this, there are also companies that come up every year and some of them out of these survive and even manage to scale. Outsourcing in recent years has given mid – sized and growing companies the option to bring on board good quality CFOing skill sets through a firm/company given the gap in demand and supply. The gap lies is in between the huge chunk of companies who are neither too small, nor too large and who find it difficult to attract the right CFO talent who could fit in.

Date: 01-09-2014   Platform/Print Media: CFO Connect   Source

S Venkat and Abhiram Kandoor explain why education businesses need good CFOs

While the education sector has seen explosive growth in recent times, investments by PE funds and emergence of organised corporates, the sector is also faced with challenges due to government intervention, rules and regulations covering partnerships, capacity building and even pricing and requirements of large upfront capital investments. Whether it is pre-primary, K12, higher education skills or online assessment businesses, navigating choppy business waters without a good CFO at the helm can be daunting for management. Let us highlight areas where a professional CFO can combine his/ her functional skill sets, with an understanding of sectoral nuances and 'intrapreneurial' spirit to help businesses in education acheive sustainable and scalable growth.

Date: 01-09-2014   Platform/Print Media: Times of India   Source

BANGALORE: Kris Gopalakrishnan has become the first Infosys co-founder to join an angel syndicate breaking away from the organizational silo to ride the next technology wave. He is joining the roster at Indian Angel Network (IAN) that has over 300 investors across 10 countries. In the last two years.

IAN has struck 40 deals investing around $24 million in various startups. "I'm becoming a member of the IAN," Kris Gopalakrishnan, outgoing vice chairman and former chief executive at Infosys, said. There is a steady rise in the number of angels emerging from the corporate corner rooms in recent past.

Date: 01-08-2014   Platform/PrintMedia: Hindu Business Line   Source

With a transformed business scenario comes the demand for a versatile CFO, able to deliver on multiple fronts

The one key element that has changed the way of doing business is the flow of information. The new-age CFO must now realise that he is no longer expected to linger in the background and surface every time the results are to be announced.

As the one person in the organisation who has intimate knowledge of both the past performance and the expected future growth, it becomes his responsibility not only to steer the company towards a better future but also be able to provide a transparent, big picture view of the future, to internal stakeholders, customers and investors.

Date: 01-08-2014   Platform/Print Media: Tamil Hindu Business Line   Source

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MyCFO CO-Founder talks of outsourced CFO services gaining ground in India Inc

For mid-cap companies, family-run firms and PE-invested entities that cannot afford to hire a qualified and experienced chief financial officer, there could be some relief at hand. In the past three years, a few companies have emerged in the Indian corporate landscape offering full-fledged CFO services at costs that are 30-40 per cent lower than what one would have to pay for a full-fledged professional.

“This trend is increasing as there is still a huge gap between demand for and supply of experienced CFOs,” says S Venkat, co-founder of MyCFO, India’s first and largest CFO services provider.

In an interview with Business Line, Venkat speaks on how this trend emerged in India and the potential and challenges ahead. Edited excerpts:

 Date: 09-01-2014   Platform/Print Media: Business Today Online   Source

In recent years, CFOs have assumed increasingly complex, strategic roles focused on driving value creation across the business. Growing shareholder expectations and activism, more intense M&A, mounting regulatory scrutiny over corporate conduct and evolving expectations from the finance function have put CFOs in the middle of corporate decisions.

While financial performance is what it is, the CFO's role in helping stakeholders interpret the numbers in the context of the business environment is critical. This article explains the significance of the role that CFOs have to play in managing investors, communicating with customers, suppliers and internal teams, bridging cultures in M&A situations, without dropping the ball on day-to-day finance functions.

 Date: 03-01-2014   Platform/Print Media: The Economic Times   Source

Indian companies, small and big, can now have a chief financial officer on call to do anything from accounts to company law, strategy to fund raising, report Arijit Barman & Biswarup Gooptu

In April 2013, Deepak Narayanan received an urgent call from Amit Dalmia, an operating partner in marquee private-equity firm Blackstone. A massive churn in the finance department of Gokaldas Exports, a Blackstone portfolio company, had seen many key exits. Critically, this included the financial controller, just before Gokaldas was to finalise its quarterly numbers.