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  Date : 27-05-2015   Platform/Online Media:: Your Story Source

Calling all Chartered Accountants 


A Chartered Accountant's (CA) life is generally considered to be very stressful; CAs are looked at by everyone around them as boring and the general perception is that this is a category of people who keep staring at their laptops crunching numbers all day.There are several puns directed at CAs including them being one of the `worst social animals', `being obsessed with numbers', `money minded' etc. When one thinks about a CA, normally one associates this category of people with being auditors, helping you file returns, plan your taxes and as people who work in the accounts departments of companies. The fact remains that most Chartered Accountants are in jobs that reflect this general perception.

Having said this, things have changed and continue to change in terms of career opportunities for finance professionals and Chartered Accountants in particular. Gone are the days when almost every fresh CA spent hisher initial years with an audit firm believing that this was needed to strengthen their `basics' and gain the requisite experience before they make their next moves as well.

The growth in the economy is leading to growth in almost every sector and the emergence of new age sectors, entrepreneurs, investors, businesses becoming more global and the complexity in regulatory norms to name a few have forced the ecosystem to look at the role of Chartered Accountants a lot differently including Chartered Accountants themselves. The opportunities have opened up not only in once considered traditional sectors like banking, insurance and manufacturing but also in new age sectors like modern retail, healthcare, information technology, education, e-commerce and logistics including segments like investment banking, venture capitalprivate equity.Chartered Accountants are also partnering with businesses like never before to increasingly move up the corporate ladder to occupy the position of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to also becoming Chief Executive Officers (CEO). A lot more CAs today are willing to take the `risk' and join new age, exciting businesses which are not brands as yet; joining them is purely to satisfy their urge to try something new and quench their entrepreneurial thirst by being close to how things work in an `entrepreneurial set up'.These people are willing to give a few years of their life to build and make these companies successful knowing fully well that they can get back to a large brand if things don't work out. Venture capitalprivate equity once considered to be the domain of management graduates from Ivy League schools is also seeing a fair share of Chartered Accountants evaluating deals, raising funds, working with the entrepreneurs and being a part of company boards. A stint with a large accountingaudit firm itself today has undergone changes with areas like mergers and acquisitions, international tax, consulting, risk management and corporate finance opening up new vistas for CAs.Many CAs consider entrepreneurship itself as a viable career option today.