Shravan Doshi
Assistant Vice President

CEO's role in developing a CFO

Almost in every mid to large cap organization, a CEO is supposed to be the key figure; a pivot around whom is created where organization departments are plotted across the X-axis and the Y-axis is left on the CEO itself for his choice of metric which could be profitability, productiveness, effectiveness etc. as long as the metrics have cross comparability across the corporate functions.
S Venkat
Founder Director &
Joint Head - Client Delivery

If you are a young CA, here’s what you can do?

We are well aware of the notion that qualifying as a chartered accountant (CA) is very tough. The passing percentage is abysmally low, making candidates drop out at an early stage. How often do we even evaluate the career options available for CAs? Like any other qualification, chartered accountancy has several branched out prospects. One needs to consider some factors to evaluate it further.
Vijay K
Executive Director &
Lead CFO Partner

Aligning your team with the organization's business strategy.

An organisation’s activities and objectives are achieved through its employees. To ensure the organisation’s success, proper and effective alignment of targets and tasks that take place between the company and its employees is critical. This is a continuous process and is not to be done only when the employee joins the company or when a new project begins.
S Ramnath S
Executive Director &
Lead CFO Partner

5 tips to avoid conflicts at work.

1. Foster a culture of mutual trust and respect.
2. Encourage diversity within the system.
3. Best cure is communication.
4. Be encouraging.
5. Find ways to reduce stress

How does an entrepreneur develop the ability to embrace risk & deal uncertainty ?
- S Venkat

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