Lakshminarayanan Hariharan
Vice President

Use of Technology to fuel the growth & mitigate the risk

It is an assumption that implementation and use of technology – hardware, software and tools – will result in fueling growth to business.Growth must not be merely defined as top-line growth.It should be inclusive of efficient supply-chain management for inventory control, cash management, fast-tracking period closing and performance management.The leverage of technology is very diverse from industry to industry.Aerospace, medical, digital, media, research & development etc. witness higher adoption of technology to provide an edge for companies.
S Venkat

CFO-HR harmony towards common business goals

The HR Head and the CFO are the respective leaders of the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ domains in a company. The former deals with people, culture, and behaviour – the soft side; the latter with data, facts, and money – the hard side. While these may look like completely divergent functions, for a company’s success, they need to be in harmony. Most crucial decisions are usually taken collectively, often with unanimous feedback from both the soft and the hard sides of businesses.
Deepak Narayanan

Evolution and future scope of accounting & tax consulting in the Indian Market.

Finance related decisions are significantly important to the entrepreneurs at all time. such decisions and their consequence can impact a business in a bigway. Lack of efforts in managing finances can even lead to existential challenges for a company. Considering the significance of elements such as investment banking, debt syndication and corporate finance, the founders of Ruby Capital Advisor's entered the industry with the most appropriate solutions in 2009.
Devendra Parab
Manager IT

Scouting for right ERP solution in CXO Today Online portal.

Today, there are many ERP options available in the market. Selecting or making the right choice of ERP Solution for your business is one of the crucial business decisions. While many companies feel that any software or ERP will work and their organizations will simply adapt to the functionality of the software.

Do you know the valuation of your Enterprise.
- S Venkat

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