MyCFO's involvement in a leading pharma group helped clean up accounting and compliance related legacy issues, reduced monthly reporting time from 8 weeks to 1 week, implementation of an ERP system within 6 months from the start date, discontinuation of non-profitable products by developing robust costing systems...

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ET Now features MyCFO on their sector special on Financial Services, on IndiaMART 'Leaders of Tomorrow'. Mr. S. Venkat & Mr. Deepak Narayanan, Co-founders, MyCFO take you through their CFO service models, the challenges of building a CFO services category, being a trustworthy partner to their clients, the advantages of working with MyCFO & their expansion plans.
A CFO is amongst a rare breed of people who is not just responsible for his own function/ department but is also required to contribute to the other functions within an organization. The CFO now has to straddle and importantly contribute to the company's business functions. The CFO is often labeled as someone who is conservative...

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Gearing up and managing a successful scale up. This article is useful to CXO's of High Growth companies who want to lead their companies to the next level of growth and recognize that they need modern, experienced and professional finance skill sets to support their vision. This is particularly true for CXO's of companies, which are PE/VC invested and where existing Finance and IT systems have not kept up pace with the rapid scaling of the business. Can Robin's energy and passion alone get him to scale up his business in a sustainable manner? Here's how Robin managed to do this by investing the right time.
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MyCFO is the Market Leader in the CFO services category. MyCFO is your trusted partner catalyzing in building valuations and improving profitability through delivery of measurable results.