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Case study – Hospital care

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Hospital Care is amongst the top 10 hospital chains currently operating in India and operates 10 hospitals in Maharashtra with a bed capacity of approx 750.  The chain is Private Equity backed and is in the middle of a significant expansion plan.  Management expectations are for Finance and Accounts (F&A) department to provide visibility on Return on Investments from the new facilities, capacity utilization, hospital profitability and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).  The Hospital also runs ‘health care delivery’ centers and specialty labs within each of the hospitals that they operate.

MyCFO Role

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals MyCFOThe Hospital Chain and the Private Equity Fund have recently engaged MyCFO to Benchmark the F&A’s staff capability with the best practice run hospitals. The role involves documenting the key outputs delivered by key F&A staff currently, their frequency and an assessment of the quality of such output, best possible organization structure in F&A to support the execution of Hospital Care’s Business Plan, Possible re-deployment of resources to enable more and better quality output, with the same F&A staff strength, Evaluation of what tasks may need to be executed by the chain’s F&A in the next 12 months, along with an assessment of which of these tasks can be carried out by existing F&A team and which ones may need external assistance. The objective of the study is to recommend ‘SMART’ measures to improve Finance Effectiveness.

How the Client Benefited

MyCFO’s involvement helped Hospital Care to redeploy their team’s time from routine activities to those that resulted improvement of Finance Department effectiveness and allowed them to free up man power through implementation of systems and better utilization of current processes.

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